Camp Buck Polls

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Camp Buck Polls

Postby DeerCamp » Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:54 pm

Well I thought this would be a cool topic to bring up. What does everyone do for their camp buck poll? Throw in $, gun, knife, ect...?And how do you say who got the biggest buck?

I have been able to hunt in 2 camps while hunting. Camp 1: we all throw in $10 bucks and the winner gets the money. Camp size is usally 8-10 guys. Camp 2: we all throw in $15 and the winner gets the money to buy a hunting knife from a local knife shop. Last years winner got a sweet knive out of a deer antler and had ingraved into the knive "2007 Big Buck Winner." Camp size 10-12 guys. We got him a deer antler stand to place it in.. I thought that was a great idea and I hope I win one this year. I like that better than the money.  The winner also gets the rest of the cash, but given the price of the knive there usally isnt much left.

We judge by points and inside spread..

EXE: 10pt with a 17" Inside spread. You would get 27points.
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