My hunting land (detailed)

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My hunting land (detailed)

Postby Gafrage » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:19 am

Since I've made several posts already about how I hunt funnels, and hunt travel corridors, I figured I'd post the land that I hunt on with some detailed description of bedding areas, stand locations, travel routes of the deer as well as a very small food plot that I have.  Less than an acre.  There isn't a whole lot of things I can do for the property right now, I've done just about everything I can.  There are a lot of houses where I hunt, especially to my east which makes my hunting area worthwhile for funnels and such, but like I've also posted, it makes it difficult when people are outside as the deer take different routes to and from bedding and feeding areas.  Since I've hunted this parcel, I've seen where deer travel too and from during certain hours of the day and different times of the year.  Although, when the rut occurs, deer seem to come out of places I would never expect.  The land I have access to is blocked in by the black line.  Roughly 20 acres, it used to be the whole 77 acres to me, but since a disagreement between the land owner I hunt on, and the other land owner, he has leased the land out to someone else, I think a relative but I'm not sure.  However, there are no hard feelings between me and the other land owner, so tracking and things like that are not a problem at all.  I just stay on the land I have full rights to and everything is peachy.

Where the arrows end, is usually where the deer falls over after I let my slug fly, or my arrow fly.  Just kidding.

Edit:  Note -- The stand locations on here are for archery, not necessarily for gun season.  I have a different set up for that.  For safety reasons.  The post is just for reference for a few people that I replied to about QDM and natural enhancements to the land, that allow for "sanctuaries" and bedding areas to make the deer more secure in their surroundings.

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