broken arrow?

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broken arrow?

Postby brownez » Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:41 am

Has this ever happened to anyone? Was out this morning in my ground blind . It intersects 3 fields, all corn, and a grassy waterway, with creek to my back. About twenty minutes into leagel shooting 6 does came out right on top of my blind. I picked the mature one at about ten yards to harvest. Drew my bow, took aim, let arrow go. Bow made a big thump noise? Waited about half hour, found arrow. Arrow wasent even closse to where i shot at. End of arrow just toward tip , just past fletching was broken. The carbon had shattered . Didnt hit deer, arrow was 25 to right of where i aimed at deer from! Had shot arrow for practice a few times at target, foam one, never damaged?

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