October 17th and 18th - Going After a Missed Opportunity

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October 17th and 18th - Going After a Missed Opportunity

Postby 8uck5nort » Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:10 am

Hello all and hope this finds all doing well!
I got out Friday Evening and all day Saturday. Temps were cooler than last weekend running around the upper 50's and low 60's. Winds were light and variable, but generaly from the N-NE around 0-10 mph. Good weather. Moon was full on the 14th...
Friday I setup at my cousins place. He has 10 acres with about 1 acre of thick brush and woods and a small pond. There is a cut bean field and standing corn in the field along the back fence line and another wood lot along another fence line. I have already taken a nice doe from here and missed a a decent buck back in September. It has been three weeks since my last hunt on this property. I was in the mind set of if it's brown it's down (within reason). Still hope I would see that buck and redeem myself.
Friday Evening:
Went back to the well and used my climber to get back into the same tree I took the doe from. Got some exercise and only saw two deer right at last light and well out of range running across the open field behind me into the pond area.
I arrived with about 45 minutes before legal shooting light. Decided to go back to the same tree and try again. I got to within 10 yards of the tree and out of the darkness I hear a deer give a snort and then further away I here on respond. I freeze in my tracks. Within 1/2 second commotion just to my right I hear the heavy thud of a deer jumping the fence (I am only about 6 maybe 7 feet from the fence. Then the deer runs right by me! If I had known where she had been coming from and not carrying my bow I could have dropped her (assuming it was a doe) with a left hook!  Thinking quickly because "she" obviously did not know where I was located. I gave quick exhale whoosh sound (trying to sound like a deer snort) and she stops! I can barely make out the whitetail flickering in the darkness. She then walks briskly away from me into towards the pond area. That got the juices flowing!
I then waited for a few minutes for everything to calm down. I got to my tree and since I left my climber in place was able to get in pretty quietly consider I had inch worm up the tree. I had just tied off my safety harness and sat down to wait for shooting light when I hear sniffing below me to the right. I look down and I could clearly see the outline of a nice sized doe sniffing around right where I had been standing where the first close encounter occurred. 10 more minutes til legal shooting and I have to sit and watch her nose around. She doesn't start stamping, but she obviously is not happy with the intrusion and jumps back over the fence and disappears into the pre-dawn gloom.
I only caught a glimpse of one deer later that morning, but was too far away and too much cover to see what it really was. That was it for the deer sightings for rest of the day.
I finished putting my gear up and I stopped by to sit with my Aunt and Uncle who also have a house on the property on the other side of the pond by their fire to warm up. He tells me that the buck I missed in September is still lurking around and he has seen him at least four times since I took the doe. So I think I have come up with a plan... Mwwwahahahaha. Here it is. The weather is getting cooler. The deer may have me pegged and that tree and spot I took the doe out of are not productive. I am going to get a little more aggressive and use some young buck scent and drag line to walk by thickets where my uncle said he has been coming out of. I am going to draw a scent line that will draw him out into the open. I will then set up perpendicular to the wind direction about 20 yards away from the scent trail. I will then setup behind some standing trees with a ground blind. I will have a doe in estrus scent setup about 20 yards away where the young buck scent line ends and that should also be blowing into the bedding area. I will then use a rattle bag and doe bleat can to alternately rattle and bleat which should draw my elusive friend out, pickup the young buck intruder and then catch a scent of what he most desires and lead him right into my killing zone... Perfect... Now I just need a day with the perfect wind to set this all up. A nice E-SE wind should do the trick... Ok, I'm ready.  
Bucko where are you????[:D]
Veni, Vidi, Sagittam Mittere, now I'm ready for my nap :)

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