need some help

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need some help

Postby mhouck06 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:05 pm

Saturday was the first day of archery season here in PA. I went out in the morning, steady rain, 45 degrees, not a bad morning. My spot was one I found last year late in archery season, turned out to be a great spot with lots of sightings. Scouted the spot and surrounding areas all summer and decided it would be my place to go again. Problem is, the trees are still loaded with leaves and my spot is in an area that was logged a while back and is thicker than ever now. Furthest I can see from my stand is 20 yards to the left, 10 yards to the front, 10 to the right and its right up against thick pines to my rear. Needless to say, it is hard to see anything this time of year, any deer could walk around my stand I wouldnt even know, now later in the season when the leaves fall I can see more and more shooting lanes open up. So saturday went by without and sightings, morning or afternoon. Rather discouraging. So Sunday I went out to the opposite side of the property I hunt. This side is littered with corn fields and big open woods. I found a rub line cosisting of 6 rubs. Trees ranging from little twig like trees to 2 inch diameter trees. Pretty exciting. So I didnt go out on monday thinking I would let the stink I left from walking around sunday go away and I would hit up the spot tonight with my climber. Well the spot turned out to be great. (I still havent go to my main problem, so please keep reading :-) . Around 6:15 I had a really nice 8 point come up 12 yards from my stand, I was sitting and it was to my right, a little behind me when he stopped. Seemed alerted about something, immediately i thought he was catching my scent. no sooner had i thought that, i heard crashing around to my left. the 8 point simply turned around and he didnt run, almost skipped away. Next thing I know, a 6 point approached from my left. He stopped right under my stand, started walking in front of me, his back was to me so I took the opportunity to stand up. as i did, he must have sensed my movement from behind because he skipped up to my right about 50 yards away. (just so you know, i believe i had climbed about 18 to 20 feet up.) While he stood there, 6 does came up to my stand, so i stood shaking uncontrolably; which proves to me that nothing gets me more excited.. not wanting to spook any of the 6 does and that 6 point, as I waited dark came and all I could see was shadows and movements. The buck had wandered off and soon after all the does went there sperate ways out to the corn field.
Now this is where you guys come in. Both the 6 point and the 8 point seemed to act rather skiddish, I think the 8 was spooked by the commotion the 6 point made coming in. I always practice good scent control, so i dont believe they caught my scent, im not counting that out tho. I dont know if I was too low and they saw my shape on the tree or what, but im afraid to go back to that spot for a couple days in fear of spooking them out of that area for good which would hurt my hunting until the leaves come off the trees in which i could go back to my main spot. but until then it would be a tough season. 
if you guys where in my shoes, would you wait to go back, if so how long? would you just go back whenever, would you do anything to improve chances or did i screw it up already? 
the tree i picked faced the corn field (60 yards off) with a trail with rubs on my right and a trail to the left eventually merging in front of me. meaning the deer will be coming from behind me at angles. i figured with them coming from behind it would give me a chance to get ready for them. 
i dont know why im so flustered about this, i have had deer come and go before, i just felt like coming on here and seeing what you guys thought about it.

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