Morning Stand Hunting

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RE: Morning Stand Hunting

Postby vipermann7 » Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:56 pm

i have a couple morning stands that have fields the deer are usually in no matter what time you get there. if you cant avoid the field, just make sure you go in up wind and follow the edge of the field. its dark, and if you move quickly and as quietly as possible, theres a good chance some deer wont see you. if you can follow a tree line of fence line that might have some brush on it, thats great. if the deer are a ways away in the field, you can get in without spooking them. if its dark, i like to move fast, but still be quiet. if you walk too slow, deer that see you might think youre stalking them. if you move quickly and act like you dont even see them, like you probably cant anyway, they will just watch and let you go by, providing enough distance between you and them.
if youre jumping them actually in the woods around your stand, you dont have a lot of options. one option is to move the stand closer to the bedding area if you can. or you could still hunt your way after light, as someone else said. or you gotta just get in, spook a couple deer, and get it over with. if youre going to spook deer, i would hit the stand as early as practical. that will give the area and the deer more time to settle down before first light. in the end, its still hunting. there are times youll spook deer and times you wont. sometimes youll sneak in and never see a thing all day, or you might go in, spook a bunch of deer, and at first light a giant strolls by because he was 400 yards away when you walked in and has no idea something happened. i would just go in as early as is practical and be as quiet and stealthy as possible.


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