Charlton Heston

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Charlton Heston

Postby hunter480 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:39 am

[font="times new roman"]MacMillan River Adventures, on the Outdoor Channel, had a tribute to Charlton Heston today-I watched it, and all I can say is, I am humbled beyond belief.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]I had heard Heston speak before, many times, although, not in person. And THAT is much to my personal loss.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Seeing the video, hearing that rich, deep, booming voice, that great speaker, who could so easily find the words to reach inside you, to touch you, to stir you, it was moving, to say the very least.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Heston-very much like Reagan had that ability to not only express himself, to not only speak very eloquently, but to also touch you. To literally put his hand on your shoulder, without ever physically touching you. He could move you. And you felt the sincerity of what he was saying-you knew it wasn`t just some PR job, some attempt to sway you, but it was coming from deep inside the man. It was his conviction, it was real to him, and you knew it had to be real to you too.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Very few events in my life have touched me in a way that make me want to be different. There are but a couple of such events, and all are extremely private and personal-but seeing this tribute to Heston today touched me in that way. I was moved. I`m a life-endowment NRA member, and have always been passionate about both, hunting, and, NRA. But seeing this today, took me to another level.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]It`s hard to put into words-and that was the beauty of Heston. He always had the words-and he spoke them with a conviction that that drew you in. Made you feel it too. But this man, was such a blessing to NRA, and to all Second Amendment Patriots.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Thanks so much to MacMillan River Adventures for airing this episode-it was a truly stirring tribute.[/font]
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[font="times new roman"]Thanks so much for your service Mr. Heston, and God Bless.[/font]

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RE: Charlton Heston

Postby howhill1 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:00 pm

i caught a while back and watched it again today....truly moving and inspiring. we have lost a great leader and soldier in our battle.
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