dpms rifles

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dpms rifles

Postby krawiech » Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:12 am

has anyone heard that dpms is closing a manufacturing plant in the southwest ive had on order through a local gun shop an order from dpms its for an ar style rifle in 7.62x39 caliber with a 20 inch barrel i looked at the gun at the nra annual meeting in charlotte last year they told me waiting time would be 2 to 3 months well here it is 6 months and no gun my dealer has been in touch with them on numerous occasions i have been there when he called them last month they said the gun was finished except for the barrell they said we should recieve it within 30 days well its been over 30 days and there saying another 30 days i will never buy another dpms gun again im checking with other manufacturers to see who has the gun available how many other people have had this problem thanks hank k

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