I am worried about were this county is headding!!!!

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I am worried about were this county is headding!!!!

Postby U.P.Hunter » Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:20 am

Went to the mall last night with my wife to get some Christmas gifts we have been trying to buy American made products to help save our country.Guess what? We went to many stores lookin for some slippers for the kids and couldn't find any that were not made in china same with T-shirts, hats, boots,gloves,blankets even pots pans and cups I couldn't believe that we don't make anything here any more. We did find some rubber boots that were made in usa and some square lincoln logs so we got those but still have to shop more.It just seems crazy to me being at the stores watching people buy tons of this imported crap and its even expensive. Not only that but half of the stuff gets recalled because of lead paint and such. The china made rubber boots were 2 dollars more than the usa ones Im really worried about the future of are great nation if we don't change the products we are buying where will our children work? Watched all the shops around here close and still people buyin imported goods the same people that have lost manufactoring jobs. We cant keep doing this it has to stop!!!!
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