Youth Christmas / Birthday Idea

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Five Shot
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Youth Christmas / Birthday Idea

Postby Five Shot » Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:37 pm

Hi All,

A few years back, while bored, I sat down and wrote a story about deer hunting. My wife came out and saw me proof reading it. She suggested that I ought to try and get it published as I have had multiple discussions with her regarding the decline in youth hunters. We thought it might be a way to help garner some intersest in hunting. It is the story of a youth deer hunter going after his first deer. It was published by Publish America and can be purchased on either their website or on It is called: The Making of a Deer Hunter.

My intent here is not to make any money, and I have vowed to donate any money I make from the book.

As a side (personal) note; I actually had a book signing in Lapeer. Some grandparents stopped in to buy a second book. They said that their one grandson did not like to read, yet could not put the book down.

Thanks in advance for any interst in the book...and Merry Christmas.

Best Regards and Happy Hunting,
Five Shot

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