Sheriff: Ohio man cleaning gun killed Amish girl

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Re: Sheriff: Ohio man cleaning gun killed Amish girl

Postby kellory » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:29 pm

Woods Walker wrote:That poor girl had a better chance of winning the lotto than being hit with that bullet. Think about it. She was in a vehicle that was MOVING, and being pulled by a horse to boot! If that horse had altered his motion to pass gas, it would have changed the outcome.

Now, think about all those a-holes, firing guns into the air EVERY newyear's. I counted 42 shots last year, near enough to be sure of anyways, and newyear's will be here again soon. And I am in the middle of columbus, Ohio. Talk about a target rich enviroment. She was alone on a lone road, with a horse and buggy.
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