One Weird deer story

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One Weird deer story

Postby LeeEvans » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:39 pm

After The postion this deer put me in i was just thinking i'm glad he is dead lol.Long story Guys .Hard to believe but very true ,every word of it .He charged me and was grunting,throwing his ears back and forth,taking his antlers and tearing up grass and leaves stomping the ground and all this was about 10 ft away and after i had shot all my shells at him in the process and didnt have any more except back at home.I had my Buck knife out though Dont really know what i was going to do with it lol .I was yelling at him to run and when he turned to look back for the Doe i ran up the hill got on the 4 wheeler went home got another gun(obviously the first one was defective)went back and he was still there looking for that doe .I grunted and here he came again he came within about 10 yrds this time realized what i was, started to turn away i shot him,he fell about 15 yards down the hill. By the way i shot his browtine off during the first gunfire/deer exchange lol He Was Doe crazy i guess
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Re: One Weird deer story

Postby mnslayer » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:13 pm

not as strange as you think. Last season a small buck charged me when I shot the bullet entered just behind the shoulder and exited through his sack. Affectively castrating him and terminating him. If I was you though I would check the sights on that first gun, never know when you will only get one shot.

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