Need a little help

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Need a little help

Postby DaleFromVirginia » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:44 pm

I have the opportunity to come to Paoli, Oklahoma and hunt next year (December 2013). I have several questions:
1. How is the deer hunting around Paoli?
2. Is the land flat, rolling, hills?
3. What is the main food source? Is there much agriculture?
4. Are there plenty of trees for tree-stands or do I need a deer blind? Will climbers work or do I need lock-ons and/or ladder stands?
5. What kind of hardwoods/timber is there?
6. Can you use feeders and put out bait-corn?
7. Going to be there the last week of Dec 2013 so that looks like Bow season and also rifle season for does, is the correct?
8. 6 deer limit, 2 bucks and 4 does?
9. The land is supposed to be 200+ acres. Here in Virginia that is plenty of land, is that about the same there?
10. Are there bear in this area (Paoli)? I ask because where I live we are covered up with bear and so putting out a feeder for deer is useless because the bear destroy the feeders and keep the deer ran off.
11. How is the hog hunting?

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