Insulated Hunting Blinds (New Product)

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mark swimme
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Insulated Hunting Blinds (New Product)

Postby mark swimme » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:18 pm

We have built some hunting blinds out of our panels we manufacture and would like to know what you think about hunting out of blinds , the reason we started doing it , my son could not stay warm .
How much would you pay $1000.00 to 1200.00- 1200.00 to 1500.00- 1500.00 to 2000.00- 2000.00 to 3000.00
Being lightweight , is that important to you .On a scale from 1-10
Are warranty's important ?1-10
Should a hunting blind be able to be disassembled ? 1-10
Being insulated how important is it 1 to 10 ?
Thank you and have a great year hunting

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