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Please read

Postby eagle77 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:42 am

Okay so I don't want to be ragging I'm and wasting your time but please read this and state your option. So we owned 150 acres 3 nice sized fields that were farmed by a local horse farm a nice very large pond. Well we got into some money troubles and it was my mothers land but I was the care taker. She had to sell it or they were going to take it. Our naibor a very nice marryed man that had his own land to hunt on but we still let him hunt on ours. So he bought it an said he was going to let my son witch is 16 hunt. We have a 100-150 yard back yard that Leeds into the woods and that's were we always would shoot. Well there we're some tires that someone had dumbed long befor my time.. the new owner "bob" asked if he could build us a back drop with the tires and some extra dirt we had we talked about it but never agreed. We he just came over early one morning and starting building the back drop. It was know where near were we wanted it so my husband witch always carrys his 45 went out and asked them to tear it down witch he did. I tryed to talk to bob about it and he refused to talk to me. Like he was mad at me for asking him to tear it down. Well that was middle of summer now it's youth gun season here in Ohio and my boy would just like to go out and hunt. We my boy talked to bob about hunting youth gun and he said no and bob said it's his land and no one is hunting it other then him and his sons that don't even hunt. If you ask me it's pretty dang rude to tell a 16 year old that he wasent aloud to hunt on his old land that you said he could. Well I'm sorry if I wasted your time but I just want to know people opion on this messed up sistuation. Any suggestions on what I might say go bob? Thank you for reading have a nice day:-)

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Re: Please read

Postby Sierra » Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:16 pm

Hi. I am sorry that you don't have the land anymore, that's a really awful situation and I am sad to hear it. And it's a shame that this new owner of the land wants to hold it for himself and not let others hunt, especially a kid. I am not sure how the altercation about the backdrop factors with this guy, but obviously it put him off. Unfortunately however, he now owns the land and it's his to do with as he pleases. I don't see why he couldn't offer your son an area he must stay in, but could hunt. Eventuallly when I buy up some land, factoring in those that have previously hunted it would be a consideration, at least giving time for these folks to find new opportunities elsewhere. But ultimately it really is up to this man to do as he pleases now, and I don't think anything you can say would really change it. I wish I had a better impression, but from what you say, this man is pretty adamant that he's the boss now. I'd start looking for other places for your son to hunt.

He could do some legwork and ask other farmers in and around the area. He might begin the conversation when he knocks on the door saying that he's from the area but recently lost access to where he hunts, as the property was sold. If I owned huntable land, and a nice kid came up and asked for permission to hunt, was from the area.. polite,etc. I'd likely let him.

I wish the best of luck to you guys.
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Re: Please read

Postby rthomas4 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 6:39 pm

Sounds like Bob was under the impression that he was supposed to build the backstop at the old tire location, and apparently he thought he was living up to his agreement. I believe what you have here "is a failure to communicate". I'm not to sure I can blame the guy if he honestly thought he was doing what was agreed upon. Perhaps you and your husband should have stipulated to Bob, exactly where you wanted the backstop to be located and it probably wouldn't have hurt if you had moved the old tires into that spot at the time the original agreement was made. I'm sorry for your son's loss of a spot to hunt; but at the same time, I believe a portion of the blame rests on you and your husband for not establishing the location from the beginning.
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