Help for a South Carolina Hunter

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Help for a South Carolina Hunter

Postby bad faulkner » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:33 am

Hey, guys and gals.
Some of you may know "LoCountryHunter" (Member # 1978) from the SCDNR forums.
He's founded another internet message board website that I think's really cool.
Recently, his health has turned for the worse and he's really racking up the medical bills.
To help pay for the website and assist with his needs, we're selling decals and t-shirts at the website below. 
He's retired and has little cash flow. He's the kind of man who is an asset to his hunt club and works hard to make the experience better for all those around him. 
If you're not a member of already, please join, even if you don't want a t-shirt and decal.
But if you can afford to, it would be a big help. Be sure to pick the ones for scoutdoornews so "Locountryhunter" can reap some of the proceeds. is great; there's a forum for nearly every subject, hunting or otherwise. Check it out at
Here's the website where you can buy a t-shirt and a decal.
Thanks for taking a moment to read this.

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