Thanks Dad

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Thanks Dad

Postby dadof3upatree » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:45 am

Thanks Dad for-
giving me my first fishing rod.
taking me fishing the first time and planting a seed that would last a lifetime.
giving me my first firearm AFTER you knew I was going to be safe with it.
taking me hunting and planting the seed that would last a lifetime.
expecting the very best from me as a child but accepting the worst at times.
busting my backside when I needed it.
making me stand up to that bully, life is full of bullies, lesson learned Dad!
loving Mom and teaching me how to be a husband.
teaching me the blessing a hard day of work can be.
teaching me to drive a nail.
teaching me to speak in different tongues when I miss the nail and children are near.
taking me to cut wood when I was way too young to actually help. I will never forget those times.
giving me my first cup of coffee.
busting my backside the first time you caught me with a smoke.
shooting hoops and throwing the ball around even though you were so busy.
working so hard to provide for me, my brothers, and Mom.
teaching me that when you say "I Do", you just DO!
fixing my bike.
not killing me over the coffee can in the garage you thought was full of screws but I put copperheads in.
loving my Mom.
raising me to respect, fear, and love the Lord.
everything I didn't say thanks for.
being my Dad!

Love Ya Dad
May God Bless You As He Has Me

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RE: Thanks Dad

Postby buckhunter21 » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:10 pm

Great post!  I'll be adding to this a little later...So much to say.  Love the idea!

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