A senior's view on environmentalism, or "the green thing"

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Re: A senior's view on environmentalism, or "the green thing

Postby Oletrapper » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:55 am

Amen Sailfish,

My father was a grocer. Owned his own little Mom & Pop store for 47 years. We often talked about the big chains running out the little guy but it never happened. They just did not have that personal touch. My father knew every customer by their first name, knew where they worked and knew the entire family. Everything was reused back then. milk bottles, softdrink bottles, beer bottles, etc. Then came the cans and plastic containers. Do you remember turning a small Coka Cola bottle upside down and betting on the distance? Every bottle had the city and state of manufacture and they would wind up all over the country. Oh well, Progress.
Thanks, Oletrapper
Sailfish wrote:Great email.

I imagine there are tons of other examples as well.

I love the plastic bottle thing though.

Even better is how you see a signs on these new park benches "This park bench was made from 10,000 recycled water bottles" etc. Very green right? Except the crude oil required to produce water bottles in the first place in the US over 20 million barrels a year! And the tons of CO2 released and the 3 liters of water are required to net 1 liter of drinking water. And then there is the waste that isn't recycled in our landfills, forests, oceans etc. from the non-recycled plastic bottles.
The list just goes on and on.

Saw a cool show about Coca Cola (by the way best served at 37 degrees) and the "bottling business". Chile and Mexico and some other backwards countries still use real bottles. And they figure each bottle gets re-used around 15 times!!! Amazing.

Think about the numbers "green" jobs (and improve are national green score) that could be created if we went back to just recycling bottles.
Publix, Piggly Wiggly, IGA would hire the bottle guy again, truck driver would haul, bottle washer, bottle suppliers. Less trash on the road cuz with the tough economy folks would go back to picking up bottles for .10, we'd save on using millions of barrels of oil and water used to make plastic. I think its a win win!!! Hope Obama doesn't latch onto my idea. Of course though, there probably isn't big profit in it for a corporate bud and it makes sense so.........I think I'm safe :lol:
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