I Wonder If This Would Work On Deer?

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Re: I Wonder If This Would Work On Deer?

Postby charlie 01 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:53 pm

Woods Walker wrote:Just think....you could do a deer drive with a couple of those things, and then take the human element out of it entirely in regards to the drivers. No more people getting lost, wandering around onto the neighbor's, changing direction in the middle of a drive, not keeping up, etc....I'LL TAKE 2 OF 'EM!!!! ;)

And most of all, no one getting shot.
One time I hunted a state area that had a set aside area for the deer that you could not go into at all. I almost believe some one turned some dogs loose in there to move the deer that were in it, out. I was hunting in a tree near the road that bordered the sanctuary. Shortly after sun up 5 does and a nice 10pt came running from accross the road,and coming my way. They stopped about 45yds from me. I figured they just ran accross the road to be clear of it, and now they will walk from here on, come closer, and I'll have a chance. But no, they started to run again and good by. I wondered why they took off running again. No cars, no one else around. Then I see 4 mutts come accross the road and taking the same route as the deer. Nun of them were barking, they were silent runners.
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