Awesome Audio of Blowing and Stomping

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Awesome Audio of Blowing and Stomping

Postby work2hunt » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:13 pm

I was able to get some awesome audio of a buck blowing and stomping in the water. I was not able to get him on video as I had less then a minute to sit down, lower my tripod, turn my camera on and adjust it and throw my camo netting over me. I pointed the camcorder at a trail that was going in/out of the swamp and he came out about 10 yards from that and I couldnt move as he would have bolted. I watched him through the camo netting and was kicking myself ( in my mind ) for not being able to get him the video. He was a nice 8 pointer. Listen to the audio.... ... ture=feedu


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