Salato Wildlife Education Center

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Salato Wildlife Education Center

Postby kykevin » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:58 am

Took the kids and wife to Frankfort today with fishing poles and coolers in hand.
We went ot spend the day fishing in one of the two ponds that the KDFW keep well stocked with bass, catfish, bluegill, and even trout. We brought coolers of food and drink to prepare and enjoy at one of the many picnic table/grill areas provided.
When the heat started to really kick up we headed to the vistitors center which has a wonderfull air condidtioning system if I may say. Here we saw a ceiling full of mounted birds of all varieties of birds covering the ceiling above our heads as we walking through the entry way. It opened to a larger room filled with aquariums of all sizes and numerous displays. We saw varieties of frogs we never knew we had in Kentucky. We saw many snakes including rattlesnakes and cotton mouths. We saw full size mounted elk which were impressive indead. We saw a giant and I mean giant snapping turtle. He was so big you had to ask yourself if it was really real. We saw alligator gar, huge catfish, bass, bream, crappie and man more varieties of fish swimming in tanks. They have 13 years of sheds from a whitetail on one wall and I thought that was pretty neat. I had all the kids line up in front of the life size replicas of KY state record fish and took theiir picture. Now it was time to go out the backdoors and see what we could find.
Outside of the Wildlife Center is a virtual zoo. Bears, Deer, Elk, Wild Turkey, Bison, Bobcats, and Bald Eagles call it home. The bison even had a baby that was just born on June 6th. The deer we saw had 6 fawns with them. The buck seemed ireeitated with flies and kept trying to knock them off. He had quite the impressive set of velvet covered antlers already on top of his head.
Let me sum it up by saying we had a great day and it was all free. The KDFW does a wonderfull job and I think the Salato Wildlife Center really shows that. If you have never been I encourage you to take the family for the day and you will not be disappointed.
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RE: Salato Wildlife Education Center

Postby KYdeer88 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:06 am

That place is alot of fun...

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