Rifle Hunt

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Rifle Hunt

Postby Hastings » Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:09 am

Hello everyone. I will be in Kentucky from November 14 to the 19 on a rifle hunt. I will be hunting with Steve Hartley Outdoors. What can I expect as far as the rut, deer movement, weather etc.? Any help will be appreciated.

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RE: Rifle Hunt

Postby shaman » Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:22 am

Weather:  I know that the latest models I'm watching for the northern end of the state are in somewhat of a disagreement.  One model's calling for rain on Saturday; and the other is calling for fairly clear conditions. The later you go into that next week, it is due to get unseasonably cold.  Actually rain on the Opener can be a not-so-bad thing, because it keeps the Orange Army inside and that disturbs the deer less. Harvests end up being depressed, but that leaves more monsters in the field for us die-hards. 

The rut has been sort holding to the classic model this year, which means the peak will hit just before the start of the rifle season. There has been nothing to perturb the rut so far.   In my experience, this has meant big bucks still out and moving on Opening Day.  I made a special effort to get a crossbow going this year in anticipation of this situation.  My guess is that the days leading up to the Rifle Opener may be the best in several years. Last year was a fun year for me, because the rut activity really didn't peak until the middle of the first week of Rifle. I got to watch it all evolve from my stand. 

I'm still trying to figure out if my deer  are going to be in the acorns or out in the fields for Opening Week.  Last weekend, I was still hearing acorns dropping.  Last year, the acorns were long gone before the Opener, and all my shots came out of food plots. Usually, by the time the season closes the deer have gone to that pattern-- feeding in the open at dawn and dusk.

Bottom Line:  When it all stacks up like this, I've taken my largest deer with a rifle. I've had the most sightings, both in and out of the woods, and up on the neighbor's poles.  It does not get better.
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