Sabot slug query for possible article

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RE: Sabot slug query for possible article

Postby Ohio farms » Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:24 am

Ever recover a  Winchester Partition slug after it has hit a deer? It looks like a king's crown with 6 or 7 metal points protruding from the top. You can cut yourself by just handeling it...nasty. 
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RE: Sabot slug query for possible article

Postby longbeards » Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:10 pm

This is the first year I have used a slug gun (Rem 870 Express Super Mag). I used Rem 2 3/4 Accutip sabots. They sighted in very well, with three within a 2 1/5 in circle at 100 yards. I felt comfortable with it and used it twice this year. The first deer I took was an 8 pt, 175 lb shot him twice at 35 yards. I put both slugs in the same spot, and he still ran 25 yards. Both hit through the lungs and lodged in the oppostite side rib cage and didnt go through. I recovered both slugs from this deer. Both mushroomed to the size of a quarter and were about a centimeter thick. The second deer I took was a 200 lb 10 pt with one slug at 40 yards and again it did"nt blow through. Slug went through lungs, clipped the bottom of the heart and lodged in opposite shoulder. Recovered this slug also. Deer ran about 45 yards before dropping. This slug causes massive damage. I'm sure there are slugs that do the same if not more but, I really like the accuarcy of these slugs. Will use my slug gun as primary gun next season. Only change is, I will be using the 3" Accutip sabots from now on. My buddy shoots the 3" Accutips and all have blown through. I believe that a perfectly placed shot will do the job regardless if it blows through or not. Anyone agree??


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RE: Sabot slug query for possible article

Postby Powell1120 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:51 pm

when I first started hunting with a shotgun I had an Ithica 37 with the deer slayer barrel, through it i shot the 1oz winchester rifled slugs, grouped pretty well and did a number on the deer. Since then I have gotten a new shotgun for deer hunting. 870 wingmaster with a Hastings rifled barrel. Anymore most of my slugs I cast and relaod myself via the lee mold. I really like those slugs I have had great luck with them. They have always left great blood trails. If I am not shooting those I shoot the Brenneke USA 1oz KO slugs that are for rifled or smooth barrels. They shoot amazing through that barrel and really put a hurting on a deer. Most drop where they are hit or have really short trails.
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I believe that a perfectly placed shot will do the job regardless if it blows through or not. Anyone agree??


Agree. This year my wife shot her first deer, a doe with a 20ga 870express using the 20ga brenneke KO slugs. She shot her at about 75 yrds and couldn't have placed it any better. Did not get an exit wound, had a sparse blood for about the first 15 yrds and then she started loosing it fast. The deer only ran about 65 yrds before she fell over.


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