Central Texas Whitetail Hunts

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Central Texas Whitetail Hunts

Postby bcboutfitting » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:23 pm

Central Texas Whitetail Hunts

Bow Season Specials:
-Doe & Hog Day Hunt $200
Add a Cull Buck +$300
Add a Management Buck +$500
-3 Doe Combo $450
-Management Buck $600
-Doe, Hog, & Turkey $375

Rifle Season
-2 Doe Day Hunt $375
-Cull Buck 2 Day Hunt $600
-Management 8 Point Buck 2 Day Hunt $1000
-Cull Buck & Doe 2 Day Hunt $700
-Management Buck & Doe 2 Day Hunt $1100

Father / Son Special $1450
-Management 8 Point Buck
-Cull Buck
-2 Does
-2 Days of Hunting

Father / Son Trophy Special $2250
-Trophy Buck to 150"
-Management 8 Point Buck
-2 Does
-2 Days of Hunting

Meat Hunt $1000
-1 Cull Buck
-2 Does
-2 Hogs
-2 Days of Hunting

Hunts are semi-guided on our 3000 acre ranch in San Marcos, TX.
-One on one guide can be added for $150 / day.
-Care is $40 per animal.
-Camp lodging can be added for $75 for one night or $125 for two nights.
-Meals may be added for $50 / day.

For more information / booking; (512)795-4868 or Booking@bcboutfitting.com

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Re: Central Texas Whitetail Hunts

Postby kellory » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:23 pm

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the forum. However, if you wish to advertise, you MUST see Big Ben first. That is just being polite.
You can reach him here at :E-mail me at Ben.Sobieck@fwmedia.com.

You may not advertise here without his approval.

Now, enjoy the forum, there is a great deal here to learn and to share. Your input would be welcome.
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