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Got One!

Postby tonyotony » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:47 pm

Was encouraged to share this with y'all: On day 4 of our local,suburban 2009 bowhunt, I went to one of the town-designated parks to bowhunt. I picked this particular spot because during preseason, I'd seen deer droppings, acorns, and even bumped a few deer who were about 60 or 70 yards away. Sat in a natural ground blind, with my burlap ghillie suit on, on a short stool. I could hear hikers behind me, on the human trail, and one guy(not a hunter) walked within 20 yards of me less than 45 minutes prior to deer arrival. When the deer finally arrived, just a few minutes shy of sunset, it was an 8 point buck! Fortunately for me, he walked around his oak tree while eating acorns, giving me time to draw the bow unnoticed. I later ranged it, and he was about 18 yards from me. He ran about 250 yards, ending his journey near the top of a hill, which I was told a wounded deer never does! Sometimes I think it's helpful to have frequent human visitors to the deer' domain!

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