It has began!

Share your tips and techniques on these great, but often times lost methods of hunting.
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It has began!

Postby First_Gen » Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:23 am

In an effort to teach and learn, I wanted to start a thread re accounting my ground hunts. Basically, an analysis of how the day went, things I did right, and things I did wrong. This is my first year ground pounding, so I am liable to make a few blunders. Here we go 13-14 season!!

Yesterday was the Antlered opener for my area. Antlerless has been open for the past two weeks, and I chose not to go out to keep things settled. I got a late start, but was going to hunt all day so I didn't mind. Walking in down a right of way, I was approached by a young boy who had just shot a deer of his property and his dad was looking for it. He asked me if I had seen it, and I had not. Poor kid, didn't have a blood trail or his arrow. I wondered if his bow just wasn't strong enough to make a pass, or if it was a bad shot. His very first deer and he couldn't find it. His mom was next to him, so I took a knee and explained to him that happened to me with my first deer with a bow and you can only hope if it got away, she passed on and you did all you could do to find it. I told him not to get discouraged, and that he is lucky to learn this very early. I think his mom was shocked, both said thanks and I was on my way. I added this because it was strange how almost the exact thing happened to me when I shot my first doe with a bow.

I got set up sometime around 8 am. I got into my ambush spot. I had my ghillie on, was quiet, and had the wind right. And I waited, and waited. Nothing!! for 8 hours I didn't see a single deer, or hear any for that matter. It was pretty cool to see squirrels really close and have no idea what I was. I was rather confused that my pre-planning and approach left me skunked. I am now completely unsure of the deer patterns I thought would yield results. the only other considerations could be pressure or the patterns have not shifted to the timber yet. I will say though, 8 hours in the woods has been the most relaxed I have felt in sometime.

From here, I am not sure what my next plan is for that area. I have permission to "drift over" to an adjacent property, which I have in the past, but do not take liberally. I think I might be more pro active about that permission and follow a natural funnel (I was at the top end of it). I could also head down lower towards a creek. On Tuesday, I do plan to hunt a piece of public land that I have scoped out and looks promising. I am considering a quick hunt tomorrow morning at the same spot I was at yesterday as well.

I do have to say, wearing the ghillie sets a different mentality. You know you are just a bush to them. I still had fun, and still learned a few things. And also a tip I picked up on a few weeks back: If you chew, put some scent free spray in an empty bottle. It smelled like nothing all day.

Thanks for reading, have fun and be safe!!
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