First bow kill

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First bow kill

Postby gatodoc » Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:28 pm

Got my first deer with a bow yesterday....Was hunting a new area and I sat down against a big tree looking down a wooded draw with the breeze in my face.. After a boring hour and a half, I looked to my far left and a big doe was staring me down from 20 yds. I didn't move a muscle for forever (20 secs) and she finally lowered her head and started walking. I slowly raised my x-bow and she looked at me again, bleated and bolted back the way she'd come. She stopped for one last look and I fired. I knew I hit her because the sound was just like hitting my practice target. I felt like it was a good shot, but she's exited out of sight so I waited a full hour to go look for the arrow.

I found the arrow covered with bright red frothy blood but my 2 blade rage tip was gone. I found one spot of blood and then a few small drops in the leaves. I literally got on my hands and knees following a drop here and there, but it was scarce and after 10 yards there was none.

I circled some and jumped a deer that bleated and bolted. I didn't know if it wash her or not, but if it was, I didn't want to push her so I went home for 3 hours and waited. When I went back, I took my Labrador on a leash. I walked her to the arrow I'd left in place and let her sniff it and she started dragging me on the trail. I knew she was on the trail because I'd dropped toilet paper pieces on the few blood drops I'd found. She drug me through some briars and vines that had me cussing her and the deer. It was so thick, I was sure she was nuts, but I followed her lead and sure enough, 40 tough yards later, I found my deer. My dog just sat down and looked at me as if "what now?"

I took her to my office for processing and was amazed she'd gone so far. The arrow had entered just behind the shoulder, grazed her heart, but didn't cut into the chambers and exited just in front of the opposite shoulder breaking her humerus in two just below the shoulder joint. The exit hole was decent sized. I was amazed at the lack of a blood trail. Lots of blood in the chest cavity though. I'm not sure I'd have found her without my dog and I darned sure wouldn't have gotten the shot without some of the sage advice I've gotten on here...

Thanks for sharing all the good tips... :)

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Re: First bow kill

Postby Woods Walker » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:22 am


Great idea about the dog. I might try that.
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Re: First bow kill

Postby Deebz » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:14 am

Awesome job! Kudos on not giving up on the deer when you lost blood.
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