Wisconsin Crossbow Federation has gained ground!

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Wisconsin Crossbow Federation has gained ground!

Postby hot tamale » Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:00 pm

I just wanted everyone to know that the WI Crossbow Federation has gained ground and now has a new and improved website about the important issues related to crossbows and archery in Wisconsin.
The old site-just Wisconsin Crossbow . com was not updated but the new site Wisconsin Crossbow Federation .com is a new and improved site.

Many were asking why nothing was done with the old site, why they never heard anything from the organization or got newsletters?
The truth is, nobody wanted to help with it or spend the time talking with legislators while also working on the site and composing newsletters.

Things like that take not only time, but money and know how. finally a group has formed and is taking the whole organization by the horns and making it one of the best sites about crossbow hunting yet.

go check it out for yourselves.


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