Scent eliminating Clothing

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RE: Scent eliminating Clothing

Postby GTOHunter » Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:50 am

I'm a firm believer in keeping all my Hunting Clothes scent-free with the laundry detergents,wearing rubber boots and spraying down with the Scent-killer sprays.It has worked for me over the years and since I can't run out and buy a Carbon Suit that cost several hundred dollars to hunt with I go with the next best thing that works just as well.

WhiteTailobsessions.......I use the scent-free technique during my Bow Hunting a lot...but I disagree with You not using it during Rifle Season?Sure the Deer are going to out there further away but still they can pick up your scent even during Rifle/Gun Season and if You want more Deer around You going Scent-free at that time is to Your advantage,if the Doe's come in closer and stay around becasue they can't smell or detect You that will draw the Bucks in to the Doe's making Your chances at a nice Buck even better. [:D] [;)]

The past 4 years our Hunting Group on our Lease has ben washing in scent-free detergent and spraying down before going out in the wooods and our success rate has been very good,last year I had 7 Does around my ladder stand,1 Button Buck a 6-Point Buck and a Spike Buck chasing a Doe around without them even knowing I was there...I passed on them in hopes for a bigger Buck we had on the trail camera's...a few days later and after having several different size Bucks pass by me I ended up getting a nice 8-Point Buck that would have been a 9-Pointer if not for a broken brow-tine!


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