Which is faster a Long Bow or a Recurve Bow?

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Which is faster a Long Bow or a Recurve Bow?

Postby ToddRvs » Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:17 am

Given the same draw weight, same draw length, same arrow weight, which bow would shoot a faster arrow. I ask this question because I am building a new bow and I am deciding between a recurve and long bow.

My last long bow was 66 inches long and when it was strung had a length of 63 inches, Brace height was 6 1/4 inches rated at 41.6 pounds at 28 inches ( I actually draw 29 1/2 inches so at my actual draw length the bow was drawing 47 pounds) I was using a 467 grain arrow and through a chronograph set 10 feet in front of the bow I recorded a very respectable arrow speed of 181 FPS.

Can I expect the same or better from a recurve with the same draw and draw weight. Also does backing a bow actually increase it's speed or just it's strength.
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