Bowhunting clothing

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Bowhunting clothing

Postby DeerAddict » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:28 pm

I'm new to bowhunting so i've never hunted in october (when our bow season starts). What do you guys suggest wearing for an october bow hunt??? I hunt in lower michigan, and the bow season starts Oct. 1.

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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby paulie » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:54 pm

I hunt in Livingston and Ingham Counties (south east MI). I usaually just wear a (long sleeve)camo tee shirt, (thing) camo cargo pants, and 'uninsulated' rubber boots. Not sure what your buget is but, if you go to the Cabelas or, Bass Pro websites, they both have a variety of 'early season' camo. Good luck, hope this helps! ... ing*072710 ... _475000000

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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby Lot to Learn » Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:41 pm

IMO  you can get the same camo at Wal Mart or any farm store.  I usually buy a new pair at end of season each year when they go on clearance even cheaper.  I just don't think it matters as long as you have some type of scent control program.  I believe in the non uv detergent because I believe that is what deer do see. Otherwise, just a fashion show.   Spend your money on good boots.

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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby Woods Walker » Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:43 pm

Layers, man, layers. Start with a wicking type fabric underlayer that draws the sweat off your skin. NEVER wear cotton on your skin. It holds the moisture right on you, and your bacteria growth from the sweat starts faster (AKA, "B.O."!)

After that I like a light wool shirt and a soft shell of some sort over it. This way you can remove the wool if it gets warmer later on in the morning. Here in northern Illinois, we can see a frost at dawn, and then by 10AM it's 60 degrees.

A wool shirt is ALWAYS in my duffle's my main "don't leave home without it" item.
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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby GTOHunter » Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:48 pm

Personally I like the Natural Gear Camo Clothes from BassPro Shop,but in reality no matter what Camo you end up buying You need to wash it in non-scented detergent and as Lot to Learn mentioned the soap with the UV-killers is a good idea.I think dead Down Wind has the UV-killers in their non-scented soap and I also use the earth scented dryer sheets or just hang your hunting clothes outside on a line to dry,I also shower with the non-scented soap before putting my hunting clothes on and then I spray down with the Scent-Killer spray also.

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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby BigBowMan » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:30 am

I personally like and use the Tech gear from Gander Mountain. I know it is alittle pricey but you get exactly what ya pay for. This will be my 3rd season wearing them and they still look like brand new as far as appearance, but very rugged and holds the wear awesome. But you need to get what ever is in your budget, likes and comfort levels. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby Lot to Learn » Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:12 am

GTO  I am on the same page, except I use HS.   They have 2 types of dryer sheets I have found, I think just the regular and then autumn formula,  wow does it smell like dirt. I was remodeling the laundry room, and for a period of time I just stuck panty hose over the dryer exhaust hose.  Wife was so happy with me!!  I spoil her. 

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RE: Bowhunting clothing

Postby extroverted » Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:17 am

I hunt in Dexter and Pinckney, my gear consists of 3 types of clothing all having something in common. (WATER PROOF) remember that the beginning of fall usually brings rains and cold mornings too colder nights. Having the right first layer critical I use a wicking shirt with a turtle neck of some sort to cover my neck line, depending on the temp and weather conditions I then move to, jeans, or just long johns.
Always think Neck, Ears, and Fingers & Feet
Then the selection of my gear which is stored in the back of my truck in 3 different totes (Temp related). #'s 1 and 2 are good till above 60 degrees after switch to the colder suit REDHEAD. If raining I just double up on the inner layer to wear the rain suit. Always buy one size larger for movement and layering, if you wash them you have a chance that they will shrink.

#1 Field & stream rain suit. This has a hood and with my hunting hat covers my head and neck from water getting in; this is a very important feature, you are going to need to find some water proof gloves and a (Hot shot) make sure that the gloves are not to thick but still do a good job of keeping you hand dry and warm. (I love this suit) low noise, comfortable and works.

#2 A Light weights TecH20 suit, this is a coat and suspenders combo, I have had these for 4 years now and still work great.

#3 is a full suit made by REDHEAD and with the right layers I can wear these till the end of the hunting season Jan 1st.

When selecting boots I want something that is going to last, I had the large camo rubber boots, but they ripped in 2 seasons. I now use Field & Stream 1000 thinsulate w/goretex
Hunting boots and if it's really cold full foot warmers, when I am done hunting for the day I take them off with the rest of my gear and stole them in a boot tote. No real need to pollute them as well.

Lastly for my ears I wear hunting ear muffs, my hearing sucks because of the use of loud guns and manufacturing so I wear walker's quads. I only adjust the volume enough to hear my fingers snap and then leave them alone.

I am NOT someone that buys a particular brand; I just like to buy equipment that works best for me at the right price of course.

This should cover your hunting gear in Michigan, remember the key point watch your weather channel, dress to kill and you will!!!
One more thing don't think for a minute that because you are wearing hunting gear that the deer won't smell you, they will!!! Try to keep from getting winded, cut back on the spices you use in your food, garlic, cury and so on, always wash your gear and other daily cloths in non UV detergent, use non scented soap and under arm deodorant 2 months before and during the hunting season.

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