Peep Sights

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Peep Sights

Postby whitacl » Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:57 am

Ok, I'm new to the use of peep sights and am looking into getting one, but have no idea size, type, shape, ect. Any help here would be much appreciated.

I am shooting a bowtec with Black Gold Flashpoing HD sight. the sight is new. I grew up shooting instinctively and am looking to extend my range beyond my 30-35 yd comfort zone.
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RE: Peep Sights

Postby Woods Walker » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:53 am

am looking to extend my range beyond my 30-35 yd comfort zone.

Then stick with the gun, or save the long shots for 3-D shoot bragging rights. . A bow is a short range weapon. The further you take shots, the higher your rate of unrecovered deer will be.

If the peep will make you more accurate, then by all means get one and learn how to use it. But it will NOT in and of itself make a bow into a longer range weapon. There's simply too many variables involved with shooting at a live animal under field conditions that multipy exponentially as the distance increases.
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RE: Peep Sights

Postby msbadger » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:22 am

You might want to Google...

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RE: Peep Sights

Postby whitacl » Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:56 pm

Sorry maybe I came off the wrong way here, but the idea of actually switching to a sight was to improve accuracy along with extending my range. I know that my shooting time this year will be limited and I believe that using a sight will help with keeping me accurate in the field. Don't ge t me wrong here I am not one to shoot out of my comfort zone EVER. Hopefully the sight will help wiht my humane hunting efforts.

Thanks for all your input.
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RE: Peep Sights

Postby scottflesher » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:35 pm

Short range is a relative term. I'm very comfortable out to about 40 yards. Anything over that distance needs to have all the right variables in play. I'd rather wait until the deer gets 80-100 yards away and give a grunt or rattle and see if he'll respond.
I switched last year from a kisser button to a peep and the first deer I shot at I missed by 4 feet. I went back to instincts of the kisser and failed to look through the peep and shot a few feet left of my target. It takes some adjusting, but I think it's made me a better shot. I would encourage a peep that's free floating and not one that's connected to the limb by a rubber tube. But that's just what I've become comfortable with.

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RE: peep sights

Postby wisbooner3932 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:14 pm

I like bigger peep sights and actually drilled mine out to it make a larger hole.  The problem you'll face with a smaller peep sight is when you try to shoot during low light conditions, it can become difficult because not enough light will get through.
The objective of a peep sight is to ensure that your lining up in the exact same spot everytime so by switching to smaller peep sight your not gaining a whole lot IMO because you'll still be focused in the same location.
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RE: peep sights

Postby vipermann7 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:20 pm

If you have a consistent anchor point, the big peep shouldn't hurt much. It's more of a check guide to make sure you're doing everything else right. Some shooters don't use peeps at all and shoot just fine. I use a peep, mine is a middle sized peep, as far as peeps go. I match my peep up to the sight I'm using. I like my peep to just touch around the edge of my sight housing when I'm getting ready to shoot. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that's the standard recommendation. As booner said, the smaller peep will cut out light, so thats a big downer for those low light situations. However, a smaller peep does help you line up straighter than a bigger peep. There's a peep called a Superball. It's a peep that has a housing that is tied into the string on your bow, then you can use a little wrench to switch the aperature to give yourself a variety of hole sizes. I think it's something more common for targeting shooting, but it's something to check out. I'm sure there's other peep sights that do the same thing, I just happened to know specifically about the superball. I'm thinking about getting one. Then for practice I can use the smaller peep to help work on my form, and for hunting I can switch out to a larger peep to help gain some light.

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RE: peep sights

Postby krawiech » Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:47 am

if you really want accuracyinstall a kisser button the kisser will definitely make your anchor more consistent it really helped me when i was shooting a compound as a matter of fact the instructor chased me off the range because i was shooting too close to his shafts it was a competition we are still friends even though i ruined 3 of his shafts he also tied the kisser in for me unfortunately i can no longer draw a bow of any kind so i had to go to a crossbow but im still just as accurate out to 40 yards hank k

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RE: peep sights

Postby GTOHunter » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:28 am

Another thing You could add onto Your bow is one of those levelers,it will help You line your bow up and keep it level.Some times that can also cause You to be off a little?I have the smaller Peep Sight and it can be dificult to see thru in the late evenings/low light conditions,as mentioned...good shooting form and using the same anchor-point will help in being consistantly accurate!

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RE: peep sights

Postby Highlander Archery » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:08 am

There are several reasons your accuracy suffers, but let's assume the peep is the major cause of this. Going to a smaller peep will help immensely because, although your eye has a natural sense of center, the smaller peep forces your eye to focus closer to center and forces a much more perfect and natural alignment with your eye. When a large peep is installed your ability to see through it is much easier, but not necessarily precisely centered; when a smaller peep is installed your cannot see through the peep unless it is inline with your eye's center(Keep in mind here I am talking about Micro and Small size compared to Hunter or larger size). The smaller you get with the peep the more precise alignment with the center of your eye.

There are some trade-offs going with a smaller peep though, such as less light getting to the eye, but this is usually offset by shooting with both eyes open, bright fiber optics, or finding a comfortable mix between light gathering and precision shooting. 1/8" peep usually serves this purpose well. Another trade-off is that very large pins can fill up most of the peep obscuring the target, again both eyes open can help with this too. I have shot .30 pins with a micro peep without problem, but I am used to it and my eyes are different than your eyes.

Another thing you can do is swap out peeps. During the off season shoot with a small peep and mark the string at the peep location right before swapping out for the larger one. This will put the same point on the large peep in line with the point on the smaller peep(I recommend marking at the bottom). ONE THING YOU MUST BE AWARE OF IS THAT YOU MUST USE THE SAME BRAND PEEP(Once again I recommend Tru Peep) AS THEY WILL BE THE SAME SIZE DIAMETER WITH A DIFFERENT SIZED HOLE.

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