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Postby GTOHunter » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:43 pm

Are You guys sure steven49 didn't buy a PSE Bow that was turned down to 40 lbs and it could be turned up higher?He never did reply back and I have several questions to ask him about the Bow he bought?My Jennings Rackmaster Bow is adjustable and I had it turned down to around 50-55lbs because I had shoulder surgery about 4 years ago,and my Bow can be turned up to 70lbs....and like Woods Walker mentioned,a lot has to do with good sharp broadheads and shot placement if Your going to kill a Deer!Another thing to consider is certain States have a amount of poundage that is allowed to Hunt Deer with and as stated that would be enough to kill a Deer with.

You can help a Bow shot faster by cutting down on arrow weight and broadhead weight,by shooting a carbon arrow and lightening up on the weight of the broadhead...might not be a whole lot more speed but it will gain a little....and You also need to watch what carbon arrows You shoot according to the amount of draw weight your pulling and when your using practice field point tips your broadheads or mechanical broadheads should be the same weight..


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