Bow testing data from Sherwood Forest

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Bow testing data from Sherwood Forest

Postby Rancid Sweeny » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:35 pm


For the last few years I’ve been running a bow testing station at our clubs annual shoot. This year I tested 32 bows. The data shown is for 29 of the bows (I omitted the 3 trad bows and youth bows.)

I rarely see very many old bows (10 years or older). After running their bows through the test, I offer to have them test again using tip weights ranging from 125 to 200 grains (125, 145, 200 grains) to see how their bows perform with a heavier total arrow weight. Most show modest to rather noticeable improvement by increasing tip weight. Nearly every archer was using 100 grain points.

Most archers I encounter care (are aware of) bow speed due to marketing even though its very rare to ever see an IBO hunting rig. The majority shoot light weight setups in terms of arrow weight per pounds of draw weight. Nearly all would benefit from shooting 8 grains per pound of draw weight by getting improved KE, FOC, arrow stability, reduced noise and hand shock but when faced with reduced speed, they opt for the speed number over improved performance.

It would appear that it is the rare occasion in which the archer buys a bow and then tests and establishes what arrow and tip weight offer optimal performance prior to buying arrows and broadheads. Most are not maximizing the potential their gear has to offer. I would assume archery pro shops could or would provide such a service allowing buyers to optimize their setups before settling on arrows and tip weights and broadheads but it does not appear that the majority have taken advantage of such optimization and are instead prone to marketing trends and advertising.

Last year I was impressed with Bowtech bows (still am). This year, PSE bows produced the highest efficiency/output. (Top 2 bows) with a PSE (Supra) set at 50 Lbs propelling a mid weight arrow (7.3 grains per Lb) at nearly 280 FPS with an efficiency rating of 1.26. The other PSE, also propelling a mid weight arrow (7.5 grains per lb) with an efficiency rating of 1.24.
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