Denied my Disabled Permit

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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby JPH » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:00 pm

Let me be clear on a couple of points. One, I have no problem with the crossbow regs in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois or any place that I don't hunt or live. Actually I don't have a problem with the crossbow regs where I do hunt and live either. Iowa and Missouri require a medical waiver during archery season. Two, I do not advocate the use of rifles in archery season either. My point was that for someone to say that I am not willing to share the woods is pretty hypocritical unless they are willing to share the woods with all comers. The safety issue does not hold water. There are many states with overlapping bow and gun seasons.

I am glad that there are various, separate seasons set up for hunters of various interests, schedules and skill levels. I don't think we should all share the woods at the same time and limiting seasons according to weaponry seems to be a great way to sort it out. I don't mind the prospect of adding a crossbow season, but I would prefer that the bow season remains as it is.

One more observation on this topic. I just filled out a Missouri rifle hunter satisfaction survey that was sent in the mail. I was randomly selected because I had purchased a rifle tag. All of the questions were limited specifically to my experiences and opinions regarding rifle hunting, except one. They asked if crossbows should be allowed in the archery season. If crossbows are archery, then why are rifle hunters being asked this question?

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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby Ohio farms » Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:16 pm

My point was that you did not want crossbows hunters to be in the woods with you during archery season because you did not want to share the rut and the woods more hunters. I don't believe that you have refuted that.
While I do not know what Missouri's reasoning was to ask gun hunters an archery question, I would imagine that they wanted to include more of the hunting community in their the decision. I'd also think that many gun hunters also hunt during the archery season, so again, they might want their input.
We will have to disagree on whether adding gun hunters into the archery season would be of danger.
Hypocrite is rather strong language don't you think? That was not really necessary was it?
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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby JPH » Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:46 pm

Unless you are willing to open your favorite part of the season to any hunter with any weapon, I think it is hypocritical to question my motivation. I don't believe that you have refuted that.

Many states work to meter the hunting pressure out through the entire hunting season. I think Iowa does an excellet job. I'm glad you are happy with the regs where you hunt.

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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby Sailfish » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:20 am

Glad to hear you got the permit!
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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby hot tamale » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:55 pm

You guys sort of got off the topic there for a bit!!!
so as you have all entered stuff, i'm going to throw my 2 cents in.
I don't care where you live or how you hunt, I still think any form of hunting should be allowed. guns have their season in Wisconsin as it has been for many years. they get 9 days only. bow hunting has over 100 days.
for anyone to really think that crossbows are going to decimate the deer herd is needing a head examination.
If 600,000 gun hunters haven't been able to decimate the herd, how would crossbow hunters do it?

as far as having a separate season? why? Most hunting is done on private land. if you don't want a crossbow hunter on your land, don't let em. if it's the state and national forest you're worried about--you aren't the only one that paid for it and put money towards the land and its care.

This garbage about having different seasons because the bow and crossbow are soooooo different!!!--Get a life!!! a Crossbow is a compound bow horizontally mounted. most compound bow users use some type of release aid that has a "Trigger". The speeds at which they shoot are comparable. The effective distances are comparable. just because you have to pull back?? really??/ That is the reason you think you should have a special season all to yourselves? Good, then bow hunters can have the first 4 weeks of the current season and the last four weeks. You can have the bugs and the ice.

What ever happened to letting people having the freedom of choice?
Why should a handicapped person have to pay their doctor to get a permit to hunt when a healthy person doesnt have to do that??
A little discriminatory isn't it???

Sorry I went off here, but this debate of who owns the woods and who should have the rights? We all own the public lands and we all have equal rights.

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Re: Denied my Disabled Permit

Postby JPH » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:09 am

So help me understand you, hot tamale. Are you in favor of a completely mixed season, all legal weapons (guns, crossbows, bows, muzzleloaders) from the first day of season to the last?


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