Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

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Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby keystonehunter » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:16 pm

Evening everyone. OK here's the scoop. In my 20s & 30s I was an avid bowhunter. Moderately successful. Practiced a great deal. Accurate out to 35 yards. Since then, nearly 15 years have gone by. Due to work demands I haven't been able to pick up a bow. Now things have changed. Different job position, and time to hunt during the bow season!Image
I know a great deal of progress has been made in terms of equipment, technology,etc. So, in a way, I'm a novice and in some ways not.
I desperately need an equipment upgrade. New bow, arrow, broadheads, quiver , sights, rests, etc, etc.
So, my request to all of you is for $1000 or less, what should I buy to assemble the whole package?
I used to shoot a 65# Golden Eagle bow with easton aluminum arrows.
My height is 6'2", around 210#. Draw length is 31" if I recall. I'll be hunting primarily from a stand but occasionally will stalk through heavy cover. 
Many thanks in advance for your input. And to everyone, have a great Christmas and holiday season!
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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby Highlander Archery » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:21 pm

Browning/PSE bow packages will get you everything you need to start except broadheads and release. They will average around $500.00 retail. Broadheads will be around 35.00 per pack and a release will cost between 20 and 70 dollars retail.

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby Goose » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:51 pm

i would suggest a mission bow by Mathews 500ish, a dozen arrows of your choosing, Id recommend 2 inch blazers for fletchings, rage 2 blade broad heads, tru ball wrist release. fuse stabilizer, g5 sights, 1/4 inch g5 meta peep, wrist sling, trophy taker drop away rest.
These are just my suggestions you'll get many more from other people who know what there talking about as well. Shop around there are alot of products out there and most of them are good. Get what you like and works in your budget. Its my opinion but I think with archery you get what you pay for. Other people will disagree and i respect their opinions but I'm entitled to my own. Good Luck and let us know how you end up.

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby Patriot » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:56 pm

As usual, Goose beat me to the punch.  [;)][;)]

I took up bow hunting in 2003 after a 10 year hiatus, so I know what you mean.  Getting used to shooting a release vs. fingers was tough.

Mission bows give you the awesome performance of the Mathews name brand without the high(er) price tag.  You could also check out used complete packages on Craigs list.  My current bow is a PSE Beast and I've seen very reasonable deals on them on Craigs list.  Not the fastest or newest bow in the world, but kills 'em just as dead.[:)][:)]

Carbon Express Maxima arrows might be worth looking into.  You'll want to be sure to practice with your broadheads to make sure they fly exactly like your target tips.

I'll stop here to allow some of the other folks to weigh in.
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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby Bowtechian » Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:53 pm

First of all, welcome back to bowhunting. I don't want to tell you what brand of bow I shoot, because I don't want to influence your personal decision.[;)] If you can find a leftover 2008 bow you really like, you can save as much as $200 off msrp. Carbon Express arrows are very popular, and this is one item you don't want to buy cheap. You'll want to pick the brain of someone you trust before buying accessories, but you should be able to get everything for under $1000.
Check some older threads in this category on new bow opinions.

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby jonny5buck » Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:34 pm

i stiil shoot my golden eagle-evolution XTR, easton  aluminum arrows- my bows 70# lb  with a 65% let off- i have cranked it down to 58 lbs -- once my bud drew it back and had a hard time i didnt feel as bad-his was newer-a lot easier to pull back& most importantly--easier to hold steady  at full draw! your gonna get a lotta difft. answers here about what to get. lets face it almost everyone makes quality bows now. i would suggest spending some time trying every bow you can, and getting one that feels good in the hand,and is easy to draw,as for any more details your gonna have to find what works for you.i would use a pro-shop to help,hope this helps ya pardner! and thanks for making ME feel old-jon

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby MikeSWOhio » Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:16 am

It's not the bow, its the hunter. Last year my bow broke and a friend gave me his because his shoulder doesn't allow him to hold a bow back for long periods of time. I took a buck this year during the early rut and the deer didn't care what the name on the bow was. Whatever you get, however much you spend you will have to practice with it and become proficient with it just like any other weapon. My advice to you is buy something that makes you happy. It seems like you work hard and you probably deserve it. My advice to others: go to a mom-n-pop outfitter and buy a used one in good condition. Find a popular arrow stocked at Dick's or Wal-Mart that fits your draw length. My friend told me to shoot custom arrows, cut to length to reduce weight and I disagree. A stock arrow is stock in Ohio or California. If you are on a trip and your arrows get damaged (fall off an ATV, or out of a tree stand) you can go to the store and buy new ones that will shoot exactly the same, no need to re-sight your bow. I use 2117's and recently had my daughter step on my bow case (she's 3) bending my arrows. I was able to go to the store and get new arrows and hunt first thing the next morning without issue. In closing: people today are way too caught up in technology. If you aren't a good hunter you won't get within 60 yards of a deer, and if you aren't proficient with your bow you will miss a 20 yard shot. Its the hunter, not the gear.

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby Goose » Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:39 am

Johnny5buck- I'm gonna have to disagree with some of your post. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with being particular with your equipment. I agree you don't need to buy everything with a brand name on it or a certain type but there are definite differences in some manufacturers. To say you can go out and buy the same arrows and not worry about re sighting in your bow is just not true and is irresponsible as a hunter. Please don't take me the wrong way and think I am cutting you down I just don't think its a good idea to suggest things like this.
You don't need to buy top shelf products but you should buy the best you can afford.
I would recommend doing your own research and trying different products out. There are many affordable products out there that are great products.
I would suggest spending money on your bow, rest, sights, release, arrows, and broad heads. In that order.

Genesis 27:3 Take your bow and quiver full of arrows out into the open country, and hunt some wild game.....

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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby 8uck5nort » Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:09 am

As already stated by others, there are a number of excellent bow packages on the market in the 500.00 to 700.00 dollar range that still leaves you enough left over for the arrows, broadheads, etc.. and if a pro shop has an indoor range even cover some of your range fees.

Biggest thing here is take your time and try as many as you can and go with whatever you are most comfortable shooting. Don't get caught up on the brand name.

I started with a Walley Wold BTR (Buckmaster) that cost 195.00 dollars and kept raiding the bargain bin for better accessories to put on it and still killed deer with it. After I got hooked on bow hunting where I knew I would never go back I decided to get a nicer bow, but by no means is it a high end one.

I ended up going to several pro shops and chain sporting good shops and just tried as many bows as I could. (Honestly they all shot nicer than what I had), but after a while it just came down to "this one fells better in my hand" I really didn't care what name was stamped on it, and when I buy my next one I will do the same exact thing.

I eventually settled on a PSE Brute package and some new CE arrows. It fit my budget and my hand. I only had 500.00 bucks to spend.

I took down three deer this year with that bow.
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RE: Help requested for a new/old bowhunter

Postby DeanoZ » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:04 am

Personally I own and am a big fan of you I had just got back into hunting after an almost 20 year hiaitus and I tried upgrading my old Jennings Unistar bow..$300 later with all the new accessories it still felt clumbsy and shot inaccurately.  The pro shop then showed me a used Bowtech, felt pretty good, went out back and shot it and it was like night and day.  At 20 yrds i went from 5-6" groups with the old bow to 1-2" groups with the Bowtech.  Everything about it was smooth and it was a 2004 model!!!  I have friends who have the "General" and "82nd Airborne" models and won't shoot anythign else.  As for accessories I think Goose was right on the money, although I'm not familiar with the G5 sights i would recommend a single pin site..with a fast enough bow you should be able to keep it at one position out to 30 yrds.  Although i've never shot a Matthews I've heard many good things and if I was going to look at another bow it would be a Matthews.  Ultimately and as others suggested try out different ones and see which oen feels right and shoots the best for you.


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