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RE: rage reviews

Postby Squirrelhawker » Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:54 am



I know I wont be shooting rage anymore. junk isnt even a word I could use to describe them. Had them goof on me on a coyote a few weeks ago. Then I shot a doe at 18yrds today. Hit her real hard. I thought she was going down right there. She jumped up twice and let out two loud growls. She feel to the ground hit a tree bounced up and let out another growl. She stagerd around for about 5 feet before running off. I figured that she wouldnt go far, as I could hear crashing all through the woods before a sudden crash. Got down and went home for good light. Came back 2 hrs late with a buddy. Couldnt find any blood where I hit her. So I walked where I had last seen her. I found specks of blood, where she crossed a ditch. We followed that on our hands and knees for about 3 hours before calling it quits. Not the blood I would have thought she would have left. And the way she acted after I hit her, I figured she wouldnt have gone far... It looked like a good hit, I know in the heat of the moment its hard to tell at times. But I got a good look at her, while she was in front of me stagering around.  Ill be going back to the G5'S.

A cannot get on a fix on where you hit her or if the arrow passed through her. What do you think the Rage failed to do that a FB would have done?

I'm not here to defend the Rage (until they start paying me [;)]), just wondering.

And like you JPH, I'm not gonna plaster a brand name on here without a check in the mail either [;)]
But I will say that my archery shop recreated a well known extreme advertisement with my broadhead right in front of me. With the exact same result. I will dread the accidental shoulder blade hit. But I will take comfort that I have done everything I could have, before I squeeze the trigger.

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RE: rage reviews

Postby wisbowhntr » Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:44 pm

I here shoot the Rage three blades. Last year I shot a doe in the  late season of Wis bow season .The shot was at 12 to 15 yards and I had a complete pass thru and one hell of a blood trail to follow. Only bad thing is that I was shooting a Oneida bow out of my pop up blind and one of the upper outer limbs hit the blind and sent the arrow high .The deer went 100 yards and crossed the road . The blood was really bright red so I am thinking I hit her with out hitting any vitals. Other wise I like the Rage heads here and am using them again this year .

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RE: rage reviews

Postby JPH » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:49 am

Please take a look at the following re. the Rage:

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RE: rage reviews

Postby NYarcher » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:31 pm

Well this is my first season with Rage. Using 2 blade design. Shot 2 deer with them this archery season and had excellent results. Both shots were pass throughs. And the longest of the two blood trails went approximately 80 yrs. (thats when she ran out of blood. It was everywhere on the way) The other deer went 50 yrds and dumped all in 5-10 seconds. The only thing i noticed is that the 2 blade does have a tendency to open in quivers. Got to be careful you dont shove them in too tight as it will make them open. and the other thing is that the o-ring on the base of the broadhead should be inspected and made sure that the blades tuck in the right way. If not replace the o-ring right away. the blades have to "lock" into the o-ring so as not to deploy in flight. 
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RE: rage reviews

Postby fasteddie » Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:29 pm

I shot a buck at almost 35 yards this am with a two blade rage on a Arrow Dynamics Nitro Stinger shat with Qwik Spin fletchings . Got a double lung hit . He ran almost 60 yards , turned around , wobbled , fell down , did a leg kick and expired . The entrance hole was HUGE !
Nothing wrong with the Rage 2 except for big holes ...........

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RE: rage reviews

Postby Nubs » Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:17 am

This is my first year shooting rage 3 blade broadheads and they rock! The blood trails are awesome, I do not get trails this good with rifle shots. Killed two does with these broadheads neither one of them have gone more then 50 yards. Excellent broadhead, they do shoot a little low past 20 yards compared to my field tips, otherwise left and right is perfect. Here are some pics of the deer i killed with these heads.



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RE: rage reviews

Postby marshall9779 » Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:46 am

This is my first season with the rage head. I am shooting the 3-blade. I only have one experience with them. Made a shot on a five pointer after having to hold for almost 2 minutes. Pulled the shot/didn't follow through or both and spined him in the neck. The head stuck right in the spine. Got down and made a follow up shot as the buck was still alive. Took the follow up from about 7-8 yds. I was facing his belly and put the shot just above the centerline of the sternum and just behind the shoulder. The head went up and burried in the spine. It was like a hose of blood coming out. I could not believe the blood loss from this head. He was done within 15-20 seconds. Can't guage penetration real well from these shots, but was impressed with the blood loss, and all blades delpoyed. Had some fixing to do on one of the heads. One of the blade slots had the outside part bent in some. I just took a small screw driver and pried it back out. After replacing the blades, the damaged slot was not pinching the blade and it deploys like the rest. I have some minor filing that I need to do to the rear face of the head. The force of hittinng the spine on both shots caused the blades to dent the rear top edge of the head causing a little spur to stick out where the head butts against the shaft insert. I will continue to use these heads until something negative happens.

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RE: rage reviews

Postby dxthunter57 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:59 am

I used the rage broad heads for the first time this year
man o man
what an incredible broad head
complete pass through on both deer
they both went less than 50 yards


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