Oneida users?

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Oneida users?

Postby NCdeerguy » Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:05 am

Just curious how many of you use Oneidas or Monster bows? I've hunted with an Oneida Aero Force for 11 years now and am really attached to the thing. Prior to that I used some older Bear and PSE models from the late 80s-early 90s before the radical hatchet-cams of today came around.
The big pro for me regarding the Oneidas is the smooth, continuous draw; I've test-fired some of the new PSEs and Matthews bows...they're great for what they are, but its the draw that freaks me out; that feeling like you're rock climbing for a split second then falling off the other side (lol) regarding the "rollover" and the "wall." I love the looks of modern cam bows and they perform great, but the feel and comfort with Oneida is great and important during practical hunting situations. I know the length plus all the moving parts have turned people off of them, but I've never had to do any maintenance on it. So, for those who have not used one, this post is certainly a plug for it; for those who do use them, esp. since we're a small breed, have you had any issues/concerns, how did you fix them/misc tips/trips and why did YOU choose Oneida (or Monster,Firebrand,Dicovery)?
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