Terrific new backpack

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RE: Terrific new backpack

Postby Squirrelhawker » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:38 am


I use a small camo back-pack to carry in extra winter clothing, etc, and I just normaly hunt the back 40 acres. I always use my bow-sling when I go hunting. Does the badlands pac have a bow holder on it?

Yes, the top buckle harnesses are designed to strap anything-including guns and bows right to the pack. The are made of a rubberized material called hypalon which is according to them, the strongest material that can be sewn. The thread used is kevlar. The hypalon really grabs hold and the buckles adjust to the size of the load.
I don't normally travel and engage in exotic, rugged hunts. I'm just a regular guy- who has never been completely happy with most of the off the rack forms of fanny and day packs available. I have a big fanny pack. Big cargo but the sides are small. The zippers still work but not well. It can carry alot but not always everything I need. The belt is strong but doesn't have the right amount of adjustment for every situation or season. And the material is noisy.
I have had a couple days packs. Never enough accessory stowage. Or sooner of later a buckle or strap gives.
And then there was my CatQuiver. This was a good idea, if it had been built by Badlands. I had that sucker for 10 years at least. I admit it lasted a long time. The quiver section would not stay rigid. The main compartment held a huge amount of stuff, but it always ended up being a bottomless pit so that I could never get to what I wanted. And the material was a magnet for burrs of all kinds. it really wasn't the safest situation when it was full of broadhead tipped shafts.
When it finally gave up the ghost last season, I decided to go back to a bow mounted quiver and make the investment in this pack.
So far, I can't see how it won't absolutely rock


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