What Ruins your Hunt?

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Re: What Ruins your Hunt?

Postby DanburyBowhunter » Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:16 pm

Since I've only been able to get on state land I've got a laundry list. Hunters who don't control their scent. One guy told me, "He was about 60yds away and must have smelled me." I've had that same buck follow me in and have to get within about 15yds and see me in the full moon before he beat it. Baiting on state land.. illegal and pisses me off! Loud guys with lights; so this guy is talking very loud at the parking area, slams the tailgate nice and loud for about 430 in the AM, then walks in with his head lamp blazing. This spot is urban so there is no need for a head lamp. The best one however, is the idiot who illegally put up his permanent stand in the middle of a bedding area! Oh well.. maybe I'll get on better land this season! And at least I'm not at work when I'm in the woods!
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