Cabelas Interceptor bows

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RE: Cabelas Interceptor bows

Postby ranwin33 » Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:21 am

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I recently purchased a new bow and I shot many bows and many of them were Diamonds. I didnt end up going with one, but I sure did like how the black ice shot. Diamonds are made by BowTech and they make excelent bows. If I was looking for a back up, I would have no problem getting a Diamond. If you are looking for just a back up tho. I would also take a look at the Fred Bear bows. Some of there middle of the road ones (a little cheaper price) are not too bad. I noticed that some of them have a cam system similar to the darton's, which are pretty nice. Its like everyone says tho. shoot til you find one that feels good.

What did you end up buying?

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RE: Cabelas Interceptor bows

Postby peepsight » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:53 pm

     As someone who never thought that they would ever spend more than $500.00 for a new bow, I am glad that I did buy a new Bowtech "Old Glory".  That bow shot so very well for me that if you have read my other posts, you will see that I no longer need a pin for anything 30 yards and under. [:)]
      I have also shot the new Diamond Black Ice, as a "why not?" at my local bow shop, and had to give it back to them, because I was seriously contemplating how I could afford to own two bows, when I haven't even baptised the first with a kill yet.  I would check out the new Marquis, because in the latest version of Cabela's Archery wish book, you will see that it has a string suppressor on the cable guard, and a bearing in place of the slide.  If you can get to another bowshop in the next town, perhaps you could shoot one of those there.  If you get onto, I think you can do a locator and find a store that is close to you. 
   Hope that this helps.


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