Increase draw wt.?

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RE: Increase draw wt.?

Postby Proline » Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:40 am

Good points above.  50#'s is more than enough to get your deer. My son has taken deer at 42#'s when he started out to 20yrds. I know what you mean shooting at 40yrds.  I shoot 60lbs and It takes time to get the arrow there. Isn't that telling you something?  I know others will disagree with me but 40yds is a long way out there and most guys shouldn't take the shot. I have been shooting since 1996, am comfortable target shooting at 40 and I wouldn't take a shot that long at a deer.    Believe me there is no worse feeling than crippling one and not finding it. Think about the size of the kill zone, go rent a DVD by Drury Bro's or The Trueth and watch a few kills in slow motion. Watch the reaction and amount  movement of the deer before the arrow gets there at a 20yard shot.  Then think about the same thing at 40.   Most of the deer I have shot have been 20 yards and under.  Longest shot 4 me is 28yrds.   I have not lost one yet.  

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RE: Increase draw wt.?

Postby Michigander » Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:21 pm

I practice out to 60 yrds. My longest hunting shot has been around 30. Alot of stuff can happen in 30 yrds. One step of the deer and you wounded instead of killed. I don't even consider shooting beyond 40. I practice farther distances to hone my form. I've seen deer killed at 20 yards with a 35# draw weight. Just make sure you can hit them in the right spot.


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