crippled hand,need release advice

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crippled hand,need release advice

Postby deezil » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:22 pm

[size="1"][font="times new roman"]he[font="arial"]llo everyone! Im thinking about buying a bow to hunt with my son.Im right handed,but many years back all 4 of my fingers were cut off in a saw then surgicaly re-attached.As a result my hand is drawn up like a claw. My index finger only moves a lil bit and will not straighten out.The strength in my hand is not very good either.
    I have tried a few releases on my sons,and friends bows,and they are too long for me to reach the trigger with my index finger since it doesnt straighten out.I also tried a left handed bow but cant hold it in my right hand to pull the string with my left arm.
   Does anyone know of a very short style release to move the trigger closer to the palm of your hand?? Or maybe a thumb style release with a strap that goes around your wrist that will hold the tension while pulling back? Maybe even somewhere that could make me a custome release? Any advice that i could get from someone would be greatly appreciated.
 i tought myself to shoot a rifle left handed,i tought myself how to fish again left handed,but im struggling with this one.

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RE: crippled hand,need release advice

Postby bobow » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:43 pm

Have you looked into any of these?

Pullin Archery



I hope one of these can help.
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