The preseason panic

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The preseason panic

Postby ridn4free » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:14 am

With the windows open last night and the cool air reaching me and it reminds me of a morning walk into a dark valley hours before daylight.  the cool air as it reaches my face as I walk down a valley eagerly to await for a new sunrise, this is one major reason I love to go hunting.  

This also sets even a planner like me into panic as my mind races to think if I have covered all of my hunting needs. I since the season is near, and while I didnt want to jump the gun last month now everything that I put on hold last month now needs to be accomplished.  I havent practiced my bow, I havent scouted, I have a bunch of things around the house to do.  Things suddenly got busy at work.  Wife wants more time of me. Boy, the Rams look good this year.  Daylight is shrinking again.  It can sometime seem like you screwed up and again and wait until next season

Oh I remember this well.  and I can tell you right now after labor day many hunters are feeling this right now.  Things are hitting your head and you're starting to panic.   But relax for a moment and start putting your thoughts down on paper

Here is a checklist I created to help you gather your thoughts

1) test and practice shooting bow. I have an old set of three spring arm pull aparts. work great in strengthening the arm
2) Scout the area. I like to start at walking the creak then finding their trails from there
3) determine stand location. Again for those hunting public land set multiple locations. I do a printout of google earth and mark my spots of interest on the paper. repair any permanent ones with whatever is needed.
4) step off 10, 20, and 30 yards from your stand location and mark them with small hardly noticable orange tags
5) journal everything, if the corn is still up what will happen if it comes down. how will the deer change their movements. write down everything you learned. check food conditions acorns, beans, persimmons, etc. try to determine bedding areas in open fields and such
6) buy licenses and get current with all hunting requirements. for bow hunting license, habitat stamp, and deer tag. For shotgun add FOID card (check expiration date). note dates of youth hunt. be good and go by or at least call the land owner and tell them your hunting this year. tell them were your going to be hunting at
7) Start getting out your hunting clothes ready. I wash mine with purex free. Non-washables I let sit outside to air out. I get my car trunk organized and get my two tubs ready to be there to house my clothes and boots. by permanone spray dont put it the day before you hunt
8) do you have a first aid kit. I keep a couple of large bandaids, guase, and a bottle of hydrogen pyroxcide. this is cheap and I have used it once.
9) sharpen your deer knife and I keep a pair of rubber gloves for field dressing. I usually by a double roll of paper towels and I have my wife wash me out a couple of gallon milk jugs for water later. I have a bone saw kit ready to go and a tarp for the carcass.
10) get your deer pack ready and make sure things are functioning. I bring binoculars, deer calls, deer scent, netting for head, bug spray, screw hook, roll of toilet paper or usually some TP in a plastic bag, whistle, jumbo trash bag (if it rains, cut holes for head and arms, you have a cheap rain parka), energy bar to eat, and a bottle of water to drink (get the kind made of thicker plastic so they dont make noise)
11) Bad weather, I have a stand umbrella available. disposable heat packs. rope
12) waterproof your boots
13) I have a safety harness, and I have my blaze orange available when youth hunts come in.
14) Keep the home front happy.  find out whats on the honeydo list is.

When you start looking this over the issues dont seem as bad.  the biggest issues for me were practicing your bow, scouting, and the "honeydo" list.

My suggestion is that all is not lost.  to avoid the bombardment start writing things down on a list.  this will ease the pain of the bombardment feeling.  find out whats on the honeydo list FAST.  

FORTH WEEK:  This week should be focused on practice, scouting, and the honeydo list, during the daylight hours. many of the others can be handled in the later hours.  Focus on these three things and adding any more item to you list this week top priority.  In the late hours start organizing your stuff, get things washed and find all of the items you usually hunt with.  

THIRD WEEK:  Next week start thinking on your stand location, again find multiple locations if your hunting public land.  The corn coming down fast, review your journal or think in your mind how the deers movement changed after the corn came down in prior years. you need to get ideas. Keep practicing the bow.  If other items pop in your head add them to the checklist and focus on completing anything on the honeydo list and practice that bow.

TWO WEEK:  Hopefully you have removed things from your list above.  Again prioritize your checklist based on things that have to be done in daylight.  your efforts the week before should appease the wife in feeling you got some things done before hunting season.  The focus is now to continue practicing and getting your stand ready during the daylight hours.  look for scraps and rubs as the deer season starts heading for the rutt.

ONE WEEK:  Take your wife and family out to dinner and plan a family night.  your practice should be ready, do light scouting to check for rubs and scraps, avoid getting deep into the woods as this will create pressure on the deer.   The checklist should be done and complete, if not move fast.

Deer Season: Hunt hunt hunt.  Bad weather ?  HUNT  Not seeing anything?  HUNT  you dont get the big buck sitting in front of the TV.  Good Luck

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RE: The preseason panic

Postby Gulfcapt » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:41 am

Welcome to D&DH ridn4free

you left out one thing!!!

Trade the car in for a truck..

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RE: The preseason panic

Postby trapperDave » Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:21 am

number 1 should be a year round thing [;)]
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RE: The preseason panic

Postby doubledroop » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:04 am

i have a similar list, and i keep a journal of each hunt, stand location, weather, sightings, kills, wind etc. as i get older the time to scout grows shorter every year, i have about 200 stand locations on public land, and having all this information really helps when you dont have much time to scout. deer get pressured out of areas all the time when on public ground but when you can go back ten years to review where they were they will cycle back into the same areas again and you can peek into the edges and know where the deer are and have stands ready to hunt without leaving human scent in your hot spot. this just takes a minute or two before bed each night after your hunts.[:)]

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RE: The preseason panic

Postby Woods Walker » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:29 am

ORIGINAL: trapperDave

number 1 should be a year round thing [;)]

[:D] That was my first thought too! My bow never get's unstrung!

Secondly, in regards to the thread.......RELAX man! They're only DEER for Heaven's sake! It's not like they're rare or anything! [;)]
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