Cree LED Flashlight

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Cree LED Flashlight

Postby michael29 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:15 pm

So I was asked by a company to test out the Cree LED Flashlight. For me, the flashlight was a great product.

It is very bright considering the 500 lumens it operates on. I love the fact that I can charge it in between uses. Makes it easier than buying batteries constantly. This particular unit also has the ability to create a SOS signal and strobe lighting. Each of these items tell me that if I were to get lost like so many other experienced hunters, hikers, etc. I would at least have a better chance at someone locating me.

Although it is unnecessary, the flashlight also comes with a case that mimics a rifle case. Keeps it secure when not in the field and all the pieces together.

I have found that the camouflaged exterior gets mixed reviews. I, personally, like it because it won't give me away when hunting. Others would prefer it to be orange camo so that they don't lose it in the grass. Overall, the product has my approval.

Find the product and more information here:
Thanks for letting me share!

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