shed antler reports

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RE: shed antler reports

Postby chief » Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:40 am

Piebal I havent been out since the day I found my sheds. We got buried with snow up here and theres a crust on top. I would hate to jump the deer and make them run. I'm hoping it warms up a little soon and knocks some of this snow down. I love shed hunting also, I have a pretty good collection. I would like to find some moose sheds. I have been checking with a few of my fellow hunters and I have located three differant bulls that were seen during muzzle loader. I plan on checking out those areas.

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RE: shed antler reports

Postby piebal » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:00 am

Well fellas were screwed for a while... the deep snow stressed the bucks and fell a little early this year..with the repeated snow poundings we have had it gonna be tough...the deer in the deep snow make a network of trails through the forest and the stay on them we will find sheds on these trails you will be walkin alot to find them. and the snow needs to melt remember when thesun is shinin on the antler the sun melts around the antler the antler draws heat and exposes the tips and maim beams which makes a nice meal for the rodants you need to start asap lookkin...the deer are for the most part destroying the hemlock with minimal pawing up acorns so search the soft woods and steep south east slopes you will find sheds on these slopes....Gaurenteed... they will lay all day on these open slopes sunning stayin warm and right next to trees the trees draw heat you will notice on these slopes the snow is always melted around the trees so you will see what i mean about drawing heat. Who knows when the antlers fell this year it is a bad winter and you would think it stresses the heard .This year is gonna be he biggest challange of my shed huntin days but i will relentlessly search you can count on goin tommorow...good luck guys....Piebal

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RE: shed antler reports

Postby woodsalta » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:03 am

Well. now that the snow has started to melt and I can see some grass starting to show from under the snow, maybe I will strap on the boots and go for a walk in the woods to try my luck at shed hunting. Has anyone else been out there with any luck?
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RE: shed antler reports

Postby piebal » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:04 pm

Hey shed hunters,
its is on fire the snow is melting and the tips are exposing themselvs..went out 3/11 3 /12 1/13 picked 12 sheds pretty good start for 8 hours serchin i will postpicks. most of my sheds were picked on runs which i suspected because of the deep snow and all but a few were picked in the soft woods whith a mix of hard woods. The majority of deer seem to have lost most of them during the first deep snow. the antlers were laying in all diffrent ways but stopped at the ice layer of the first snow leavin all the tips exposed.the spent the winter pawing up acorns and mowin the hemlock.the coyotes got a few in the the woods i shed hunted both being button busks. the deer had it rough, my pikcs were good finds with most just tips stickin thriugh the snow. concentraction was the key to my finds one antler had 1 inch of the g2 exposed and saw it fron 20 yards that is a great pick for my skills are sharp as a sugestion is to concentrate on the runs then feeding ares that aer old areas that they visited a month ago thats were i foun 2 corkers in the old feeding sign..old feeding sign is the leaves are ontop of the snow but the groung isnt dug up because it got coverd again by the snow follow old and new runs..good luck shed hunters they are on the ground where you find them...piebal

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Re: shed antler reports

Postby jbowers31 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:28 am

Hi live in the Plymouth area and was wondering if anybody would point me in the right direction to find some sheds, I dont hunt so im kind of at a loss.
I am thinking out un Myles Standish state park?
Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


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