Cross bow bill

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Cross bow bill

Postby mag30079 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 3:19 am

If you haven't seen this please read;

[center][font=arial]MBH ACTION ALERT!!!![/font][/center][left][font=arial]The Michigan House of Representatives has just passed a substitute bill for HB 5741 that would make the crossbow a weapon of choice during the archery deer season.  If the bill becomes law, it will end bow hunting as we know it in Michigan, the nation's top bow hunting state.  [/font][/left][font=arial]Michigan currently has more than 400,000 firearm deer hunters who have never taken up the challenge of bow hunting and who would flock to the bow season if they could shoot arrows with guns in October.  The resulting social and biological impact will, in all probability, force the DNR to dramatically reduce the length of the archery deer season.  The crossbow is not archery equipment, requires no archery skills and is much more user-friendly to firearm hunters than a conventional hand-held bow.  [/font]
[font=arial]Bow Hunting in Michigan faces its greatest threat in 72 years and the future of the sport rests in our hands. We all need to call our State Senator ASAP and urge him or her to vote [/font][font=arial]AGAINST[/font][font=arial] House Bill 5741-S 2.[/font]
If you want bow hunting to remain unmolested please do your part.

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