The Best Moment of Your 2010 Season

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RE: The Best Moment of Your 2010 Season

Postby Buda812 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:44 pm

I have to say that this year was a memorable season to say the least.  I lost my father the early part of this year and hunting camp was always special to us.  We have been hunting the same area of public land in the western U.P. for over twenty years.  Last season as we left my dad said that this would be his last trip up and he made it special.  My dad always rode up with one of his best friends to camp and this year we rode together.  We talked about him and all memories that they had from the time they met.  We stopped at all the places they normally would and had a good time. 
I personally have been hunting for over twenty years on and off.  Being in the military and the travels of life for work have prohibited me from hunting every year.  Well I have to say I have endured a lot since this is the first year I have ever shot a deer of any kind. I am happy with the outcome since I believe my father was at my side this year.  
Our camp has been getting smaller over the years but the memories of good friends and family will live on.  For those who will not make it back to camp in person we all know that they will always be there in spirit and talk around camp. 


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