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RE: Tink's

Postby Robert Rowland » Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:48 pm

Is it a plastic bottle?  If so, throw it away. Glass bottle, probably still good if it was kept cool and out of sunlight.

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RE: Tink's

Postby Woods Walker » Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:34 pm

It won't matter. Every bottle of Tink's, or any other urine based commercial based lure I've ever used was brown/amber in color when I first opened the sealed cap, which means that it has broken down into UREA, which is what all urine does when exposed to the air. Fresh urine (not reduced to urea) is YELLOW/CLEAR in color. If it brown/amber, then it's not urine any longer, but urea.
At that point, ANY urine, even yours, will work as well as any.
The only way to get urine from an animal and into a bottle without exposing it to the air is to extract it right from the animal's bladder, and into a vacuum sealed bottle, which I don't believe that any urine suppliers do. This is an industry that is completely unregulated, so you really have no idea if that bottle of "deer" urine is in fact from a deer, or a goat, or the lure makers best friends in the break room drinking coffee.
They claim to collect deer urine from captive does. How does that happen? They are in pens on concrete floors, and the urine hits the floor, runs to a surface drain, and then down a pipe where it collects into a big vat. So when it finally winds up in that "sealed" bottle, it's already been contaminated by the air, dirt, feces, cleaning chemicals used to clean the pens, and heavens knows what else.
Save your money! I use my own, and it works about as well as any.
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