Excite estrus lure

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Excite estrus lure

Postby EatDeer » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:41 pm

I been using excite scent, which is made by wildlife research center.  Although,  I Haven't been using the scent as recomended. 

Excite is thicker then normal bottled estrus, kinda like honey.

I've been  adding a small amount of excite into old estrus scent bottles, then adding water, and shakeing until mixed. 

I've had good enough results while hunting with the watered down version, to continue this process during next year's season as well. 

This tactic seems to really calm down any deer that smelled the attractant, and kept them in the area for quite a while just smelling the ground where a few drops were casted.

Although the water toned the scent down, I could still smell the sweet estrus, and it smelled more like golden estrus, then the original excite product. 

If your sick of paying loads of cash for estrus scent, you could try this method. 

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